A thank you from Wendy!

Theatre school pupils on stage at Parabola Arts Centre

Just a little note to express my thanks to all parents and staff for your valued support during our busy but extremely enjoyable week at Parabola Arts Centre.

Despite a few very small challenges (mostly with very small people), our wonderfully-entertaining end-of-the-week-show was indeed supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Everyone was amazing!

Special congratulations to group D for their hugely enthusiastic effort, kind help and wonderful responsibility in setting a rôle model to the upcoming children. We are all very proud of them and their performances were outstanding.

Next year will be bigger and better but your children will always be in a superb environment where all rules of health and safety are strictly adhered to, in uvery friendly sized groups of 10-18 children with fantastic teachers. However, our show will not exceed 90 mins and we will most certainly open the balcony!

Wishing you all an enjoyable last two weeks of school holidays, and a happy experience settling into new classrooms, new schools, new routines and new teachers.

I am looking forward to the start of our new term with exciting new classes and events.

Best wishes,

Wendy Finch

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